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You are probably familiar with the saying, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” -Seneca the Younger, Stoic Philosopher, 1st Century A.D.

So, to have good luck, you have to be prepared, and you have to find opportunities.

The Luck-Struck Method is the solution to ending bad luck, avoiding tragedy, dodging disaster, and becoming richer, better looking, healthier, more popular, and happier than you have ever been!

Luck-Struck will change your life by:

  • Teaching you the secret phrase lucky people repeat to bring them luck in all their pursuits.
  • Creating a custom plan for you which will include:
  • Preparing for good luck through study, practice, and focus; and
  • Finding opportunities through networking, exploring, and expanding.
  • Defining luck and fortune and their roles throughout history and civilization,
  • Studying commonalities among specifically lucky (and unlucky) people,
  • Considering the lucky implications of quantum physics and the Butterfly Effect,
  • Learning about how the Law of Attraction can improve your luck,
  • Listing 10 EASY STEPS that you can take today to become Luck-Struck!
  • Plus so much more!

I wrote Luck-Struck for people who feel like they are no longer in control of their lives. Whether it’s debt, divorce, or some other tragedy; I just couldn’t understand why bad things happen to good people — especially when it all seems to come crashing down at once! Through interviews with survivors of lightning-strike and other tragedies of fate and chance, I soon learned that there is more to luck that most of us realize. You may not like to hear it, but you are creating your own luck. The only way to ensure continued and dependable good fortune is to become Luck-Struck!

Lightning Can (and Does) Strike Twice!

My fascinating interviews with multiple-lightning-strike survivors illustrate the most dramatic examples of “streaks” of luck.
I have talked to people who have survived the unluckiest occurrence on the planet — some of them, more than once! Did you know that one person was struck by seven separate bolts of lightning before finally committing suicide?

My discussions with lightning survivors exposed some striking similarities in attitude and behavior, which are detailed in my book, Luck-Struck.
Learn from a guy who

turned his luck around!
Whether you have had a run of bad lucklately or you’re on a winning streak and want to know how to make it last, Luck-Struck will show you how to make the seemingly chaotic forces of luck work for you!

Advanced Praise for Luck-Struck:

“While I have always expected myself to find success, getting to know Skyler pushed my expectations — and my results — to another level. Both financially and sartorially savvy, Skyler taught me a lot about business, positive thinking, style, and nearly every element central to success. He didn’t offer just one thing, or one bit of insight that no one else had — it was a mindset, a system of thinking that I’ve adopted into much of my own life. At just 24, I was able to buy cash-flowing rental properties for nothing down and bump my net worth into the black, and all of it, one way or another, is largely thanks to Skyler.” -Kenny V., Bozeman, U.S.

“I felt that my life was a mess – so many goals and not enough time to approach them. Then I met Skyler. [The Luck-Struck] methods are simple but so realistic! Incredible! Did he make my life? Yes, he showed me how to be lucky and get ahead!!! Thanks Skyler” -Anna K., Warsaw, Poland

Luck is not random!

Experiencing good luck is self-reinforcing. Once you start experiencing good luck, it will keep happening. You’ll be on a winning streak. You’ll be Luck-Struck!


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