A growing body of evidence indicates that health, wealth, and happiness are matters of luck, not skill. Spokane author, Skyler Reep discovered how lucky people became so lucky and how unlucky ones may have brought it upon themselves. In his book, Luck-Struck: How to Take Control & Create Your Own Luck, Reep exposes the secrets of good fortune and how he has used them to improve his life and the lives of others.

What began as a research project on the victims of lightning strikes soon became a comprehensive analysis of how we all create our own luck. Our attitudes and behaviors directly influence the fortune that we experience – both good and bad! Reep explains it this way: “No matter how smart you are or how hard you work, your success has way more to do with luck that you might like to think. You are being naïve if you think you will be rewarded for working hard. Think about it! The wealthiest people are not just hard workers – the filthy rich stumbled upon lucky opportunities. The best-looking, healthiest people aren’t just better at dieting and exercising than you – they were born lucky. The happiest, most popular people are also the luckiest.”

Luck-Struck turns traditional wisdom on its ear. “Your parents and teachers have been telling you for your whole life that you will be rewarded if you work hard,” says Reep. “I have found that the greatest rewards in life happen by chance, and not always to the hardest workers.”

Reep outlines a ten-step process for improving his readers’ luck. Gleaned from interviews with both lucky and unlucky people, the Luck-Struck method is designed to efficiently and quickly turn a person’s luck around.

Luck-Struck is Reep’s first book. It was released on Friday, the 13th.


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