Suspend Judgment for Better Luck

Take a few seconds to put things into perspective. In the big scheme of things (referring to the whole universe, here) your life is rare and precious. Put another way: it is tiny and insignificant. In your short lifetime, galaxies will be born and die, planets will collide, whole civilizations might rise or fall.

But the infinite narcissism inherent in being a human leads us to attribute huge importance to the things we observe and the things that directly affect us. We observe and we interact and we judge.

We qualify, quantify, define, label, interpret, and analyze. Perhaps the most counter-productive form of judgment is labeling things as positive or negative. Perhaps something is bad for you, but good for someone else. Your depressing rainy day is a godsend for the farmer. Stop judging. Celebrate the things you like. Ignore the things you don’t. Don’t be so egocentric as to presume you know what’s good for the Universe — or even for yourself.


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