“The Secret” to Good Luck

Some of you may have read a book or seen a movie called “The Secret.” No need for suspense: the secret is that if you think about good things, good things happen to you. The quantum physicists and gurus have other, longer ways of telling you the same thing I just have. They’ll give you metaphysical or scientific descriptions for the Law of Attraction. Not everyone can agree with all the views expressed in The Secret, so I think the lesson is lost on a lot of folks.

The mechanism is not important. The truth is mysterious and may be unknowable. Maybe we truly are the creators of our Universe. Or perhaps God grants us our wishes. Or existence might just be random and cold, and we see pattern where there is none.

Though the cause may be a secret, the effect is not. People with positive attitudes seem to have great luck. Those of us who dream big attain greatness. There are so many axioms about reaching for the stars that such rhetoric becomes tired to our jaded adult minds.

I can tell you that I gave The Secret a real go. After borrowing the DVD, I logged onto the website and did some “gratitude exercises.” I spent the better part of the next week really trying to integrate positive thinking — and positive expectations — into my day.

One particular example from the film really grabbed me: When we open our mailboxes, so many of us dread finding yet another bill or some other form of bad news. I marched up to my mailbox just knowing I would be getting good news! I really looked forward to it. Not three days after watching the secret, I opened my box one afternoon to find a single envelope which contained a check to me for $3,100. It came from an investment company, whom I called to ask if there was a mistake. “No,” they said, “the check is for the proceeds of an investment transaction.” I later found out that my grandparents had set up a mutual fund more than two decades ago. When the fund dissolved, the company had no other instructions but to mail me the proceeds and close the account.

I recognize the fact that this all has the flavor of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was looking for something good to happen, and something did. But even if I didn’t “manifest” the check in my mailbox, aren’t I a happier person if I glide¬†through life expecting wonderful turns of luck?

That experience changed my attitude permanently, and that year was one of the best I’ve had. At twenty-three years old I bought a house and built a company. As a matter of fact, my closing costs and my incorporation fees added up to just under (you guessed it) $3,100.

Expect good things.


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