What Is Luck?

Since I have begun my research on the topic of luck, a lot of you have been asking how I define luck? The word, luck, is generally used to describe a force that brings either good fortune or adversity or the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual. People wonder if I’ve become convinced that luck is some mystical or magical force that manipulates our futures. Many others are bothered by the idea of luck, because it implies a lack of control or a lack of responsibility. I think luck is so much less threatening than all that — and so much more wonderful!

So what is good luck to me?

It all boils down to the famous and oft-repeated words of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, the 1st Century Roman philosopher: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

For me, good luck is the perfect blend of good preparation and good opportunity — with a dash of good timing. The great thing about defining good luck in this way is that it places the responsibility for your own luck squarely on your shoulders. You are responsible for your own preparation as far as education, motivation, and determination. You are also responsible for your own opportunities, and I can guarantee they won’t come knocking on your door as you waste the afternoon watching television.

Looking at luck in this way has been a great relief for me. Luck went from a slippery and ambiguous idea to a solid concept and goal. I work hard every day to improve my luck, and it pays off for me all the time. I keep a log of all the lucky things that happen to me. My luck has greatly improved, now that I understand how to influence it with what I call the Luck-Struck Method. Hopefully, it will bring you good luck too!


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